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My name is Justin and I've been teaching and tutoring General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry for 20+ years.  I'm currently a part-time chemistry professor at OCC.  read more

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"I was impressed with the wide variety of methods that Justin had for helping me with Chemistry.  If I didn't understand it one way, he would show me another way.  I'm glad a friend's parent recommended him to me."

Bradley G. (student)

Why Choose Me as Your Chemistry Tutor?

I've been tutoring chemistry for so long that I guarantee I can help you immediately, or you don't have to pay me!


First, who the heck am I and how did I end up being a "chemistry teacher / chemistry professor / chemistry tutor"?  Well, I graduated from Newport Harbor HS in 1993 and went to UCSD in La Jolla for undergrad.  I took all the necessary math and science classes needed in order to eventually go to medical school and become a doctor.  However...


... I started earning money as a teaching assistant starting my sophomore year at UCSD.  After 3 years as a TA (1995-1998), I realized that teaching chemistry was what I wanted to do.  I went on to get my Masters in Chemistry so I could become a Chemistry Professor.  In 1999 I began teaching at Mesa Junior College in San Diego, then returned to Orange County and taught at Sage Hill School from 2001-2003.  After 2 years of HS teaching, I returned to the junior college level in 2004 and have been "freeway teaching" in various JC's in Orange County ever since.

I've also written two chemistry books:

Chemistry Notes

Organic Chemistry Notes

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I COME TO YOU! Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Irvine, and Laguna Beach. I can tutor in your home, or at a quiet coffee shop. read more

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"Our daughter Emily is not mathematically inclined and prefers the arts and literature over math/science.  Justin figured this out fairly quickly (haha), but he was still able to lift her Chem grade from a low C when we started to an A- for the semester.  We recommend him HIGHLY!"

Janet C. (parent)